Large Hospital in SE London

Contract Value: Approx. £65,000

Location: Large Hospital in SE London

No of staff on contract: 4, plus additional project works

Single Site: Yes

Scope of works: Wide-ranging water treatment package covering water hygiene, steam raising plant, closed systems, softeners, and Chlorine Dioxide plant


  • Monthly temperature and disinfectant reserve monitoring across 4000 assets
  • Periodic, pro active and reactive sampling for Legionella and pseudomonas
  • Quarterly spray outlet cleaning and disinfection of 240 assets
  • Monthly chemical analysis and reserve control of critical steam boilers
  • Six monthly plant servicing to critical softeners and chlorine dioxide dosing units


  • Close working relationship with maintenance team on site allowing us to become a trusted service partner
  • Multiple project and lifecycle works incorporating our mechanical, gas, interiors, and drainage divisions
  • Timely delivery of sample results and reactive sampling in conjunction with water system remedial works, critical to comply with HTM04
  • Use of customers specific online monitoring software to provide real time data

Key Issues / Solutions

  • Works tailored to fit in with restricted access areas availability
  • Provision of remote monitoring for inaccessible return HWS loops, providing client with approximately £30K labour saving each year
  • Reduction in positive counts of pseudomonas and legionella across site
  • £100K project replacement of drinking water tanks with no impact or loss of water to site


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